Star Trek:Voyager Stories by Briar Rose
“Drabble Fever”

Author: Briar Rose

Rating: [PG-13] -  call it Canadian prudishness
[Editor's Note: The story is totally G-rated; the list of words is PG-13]

Synopsis:  A Blood Fever Coda, in drabble form using these words: heaving, throbbing, member, channel, muskiness, maleness, nectar, juices, plunging, mounds, sheath.  All right, it's really a drabble and a quarter, consider it the Canadian conversion rate.  But I claim bonus points for using the word shaft.

Explanation: Part of a Circle One Collective challenge to use the words above (all NC-17 classic clichés) in a G-rated drabble. The Circle One Collective: LA Koehler, Liz the Whiz, Briar Rose, and Samzmom

Disclaimer:  Do I really need one?  Okay, the characters belong to Paramount.  And they can have the mushrooms too as a little gift from me.  

Date: June 2,  2001

Tom stood above the vertical channel, his chest heaving from the climb. He knew if he didn't rest soon, he would risk plunging down the steep shaft.  

He was thirsty, so he took out his knife and considered plunging it into the golden mounds of cave fungus, wondering how the juices seeping from them would taste.  The muskiness of its aroma was a deterrent, but it would probably taste like sweet nectar to him anyway.  Deciding against it, he put the knife back in its sheath

Since becoming a member of the mission, B'Elanna challenged his maleness at every opportunity.  She'd even bitten him!  His jaw was still throbbing.  Well he'd show her.  "Neelix," he shouted.  "Did you know B'Elanna loves mushrooms on her pizza?" 

……yep, that's it.  It's over.  And yes, I do call that an ending.

The End.

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